Wormholes: Book One of Axles and Allies


Danny Mendoza is different, and no one at his new school lets him forget it. His sensory quirks isolate him from everyone except his only friend, a girl named Sam. He doesn’t do well with loud sounds or bright lights and hates touching most things.

When Danny hides from the bullies in the nearby park, he is suddenly sucked through a wormhole into the alternate fantasy world of Umberhold. There, his senses explode with the vibrant colors and creatures of the amazing yet dangerous world.

Though the fantasy world is dying at the hand of a crazed scientist set on destroying nature and replacing everything with metal and gears: and Danny learns he’s the only one who can save it. Danny just wants to go back to his life and pretend to be normal just like every other kid his age and not worry about evil-overlords, armies of cyborgs or the fact that his sensory issues give┬áhim a magical ability to regenerate life and heal the broken land.

But when his little sister wanders through the portal and disappears on the other side, Danny decides to step up into the role of hero everyone believes he can fill. Together with a newfound group of companions, Danny must go against every instinct in his body to battle monsters, navigate dangerous forests and learn to battle with the bullies at home to find his sister and save Umberhold.

Ugh. Why does middle school have to be so hard?


Coming June 2018 from Barking Deer Press.